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Happy Kid Clinic Pediatric, Speech and Hearing provides a high quality healthcare services in an ethical and happy environment.

Different Perspective

Introducing a new concept to Oman’s private health care sector, to accommodate the widest selection of specialties under one roof.

Committed to the best

With our collaboration with I communicate Speech - Language Hearing , We are offering a wide range of child and adult services by a team of , psychology, speech , and Occupational therapists.

Welcome Kid

Welcome To Happy Kid Clinic

Happy Kid Clinic is the first Omani specialized pediatric clinic in the Sultanate of Oman. We provide health care for children and pay attention to growth and development, preventive care and constant and continuous counseling for parents. Throughout our five years we discovered the need to expand and add up more specialties to our clinic considering the opinion of our loyal customers.

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Services We Offer

Specialized Pediatric

We strive to create an open, cooperative relationship with parents/caregivers and their infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents Our clinicians support the physical, emotional, and social development of children, family relationships and provide guidance in each step of your child’s transition from infancy to independent young adulthood.

Speech-Language therapy

Our speech-language pathologists have years of experience in assessing , diagnosing , and treating patients , ranging from childhood through to the elderly , with their speech and language disorders.

Autism and occupational Therapy and developmental disorders

Oman’s first Multidisciplinary team offering complete assessment, diagnosis an intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental / cognitive difficulties.